Windows 7 Activator Made Easy

On Tuesday, the first version of Windows 10 was released. Microsoft released the global beta version of Windows 10 with early returns.

So far the Windows 10 is still testing for general availability. However, after testing the beta version of the application we are writing about the best way to download the Windows 7 Activator for free.

Windows 7 Activator

You need the output password to access the test directory, but if you get an option to logged out of the test directory here you can find it. You should then open the factory settings with test2 and the test directory will be given.

The Windows 7 Activator for free download links to the current version of Windows 7 Activator and non-beta. Enabling most options of the Activator will then make the application download faster.

Three types of Windows 7 Activator

  • We will focus on the Activator for all users Windows 7.
  • We will observe three different types of Windows 7 Activator below.
  • Authenticate360 Activator for Enterprise Version

Activator for Enterprise Version Activator for free version, Activator for Professional Version

Activator for Professional Version Activator for Professional Version Activator for Home Version

Why do we suggest the Activator for Enterprise version?

This version of the Activator automatically prompts you to authenticate with the Microsoft license. Therefore, it means you won’t find it in the command line to start the device as it is user-managed by the enterprise or business. So it saves the headache of starting the machine by simply typing the prompt and the code entered.

Here is the step-by-step instructions for activating the Windows 7 Activator for Enterprise version.

The first step you have to do is to create the Business Email Converter account. Login here in order to be allowed to verify your registration details.

Then, click on the Activation button then select the Business Email Converter code on the Output URL.

If you didn’t select the correct email address from the configuration, click the Delfer code in the Output website menu.

If you left any addresses blank, it will scan the email and check if it is valid. From the contact details, click Use it.

The activation of the Activizer will be complete using the Activate Code input.

You can be a subscriber using the Activizer too.

On the homepage, make sure to head to the activator account section.

You can set up a subscription option by selecting the subscription option.

From there, you will find the options to block subscription. From the BECEP search box, click on the Cancel option next to your Activizer.

You will then be given a confirmation request on the confirmation email about the process.

Let’s talk about the Activator for the Enterprise Version

The Activator for Enterprise version is now there. This version of the Activizer asks for authentication on the Type-A Exchange Server settings. You have to have Type-A Outlook Server configured for the Business Email Converter enabled.

Next, log in to the activator account where you already have the Enterprise email client. You will see the activation code inside of a red bar on the Output URL. If you do not click on the activation code button or any login button, then this activation code will not get activated.

Next, the activation code will be sent. Ensure that you don’t log out of the test directory.

Let the activation start, enter your Active Directory account password and then click the button to “Run”.

Install the Active Directory Active Directory Manager and Active Directory Manager Pro. This comes in handy to effectively manage your Active Directory.

In your setup.xml file, change Outlook to make sure it has Active Directory Manager set up for you. Click on the Active Directory Installation option, which will download the Active Directory. You will get the downloading link for the Active Directory. You will then be prompted to activate your Active Directory Manager.

Now, you can connect your Active Directory instance from the Enterprise settings. When you get an option to login into your Active Directory instance, click on Activation Logout. Click the “Command” icon next to the prompts to switch between the Active Directory Manager and Active Directory Manager. When we enter the Active Directory Migrate to Enterprise option in Action, enter the Microsoft Office Business Manager license to validate your Active Directory instance.

If you made it this far, then there will be a prompt like this, “Start to Business”. Give your Active Directory instance a click so that it will start for you.

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