Why Should Nurses Move to Canada?

With so many people working on getting a better life, different professionals contemplate their move. Risking a settled life and moving to another place is a huge step and people often weigh out if it is worth the money and energy. Without a shadow of a doubt, Canada is one of the most progressive countries in the world that offers a competent working place to many professionals. With COVID-19 hitting the countries, the need for healthcare staff has increased to cater to the depth of the issue, and nurses are in demand everywhere. So, if you are a nurse and want to move to another country, then Canada is your best bet.

moving to canada

Being a nurse is a tough job because you need to work selflessly for hours, but you want to have a good payout at the end of the day. Because they all have families to run and make ends meet. However, getting into a developed country is not easy even though you have great qualifications. But without the help of experts, you can find the entire process difficult. If you are looking for such an expert opinion, then Canada immigration from India will be the best option out there.

Because it is such a huge move that often the heart is pounding out of uncertainty and there are certain reasons nurses should move to Canada for better life and future.

Types of Nurses in Canada:

There are three different types of nurses working in Canada:

  • Registered nurses in Canada (RN): These professionals have completed their nursing degrees and got a registered number to practice.
  • Registered psychiatric nurses in Canada (RPN): These nurses have a bachelor’s degree in psychiatric nursing and a postgraduate degree in the same field as well. They can mostly practice in Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia.
  • Licensed practical nurses (LPN): The individuals who have a post-secondary diploma program in nursing fall in this category in the Canadian healthcare system.

If you have any of these qualifications, then you will be able to settle in easier because you are meeting the educational requirement of the nursing industry in the respective country.

Reasons Nurses Should Move to Canada:

Moving to Canada means different options make the best deal, and enhancing your lifestyle in a better way. Being a nurse means you are on call or in working hours for most of your time, and you do not want to be in dual mental space juggling between managing home and caring for the patient. Thus, moving to a country that cares for its skilled worker will be an added advantage. Following are some reasons nurses should step their game for Canadian immigration:

1) High quality of life:

The first reason that sets this country apart from many other developed countries is that it offers a high quality of life. According to the survey, in 2020, the country has been ranked in the first position for the top quality of life. The quality of life is not just one thing, but it is a combination of a range of different things such as education, tourism, and even how the country has maintained its economy. In addition to that, the country is also maintaining high safety standards. All these aspects are useful for the new people, and the country has not discriminated the immigrants at any level.

2) Boosted economy:

The economy of a country like Canada is expected to be high because it is one of the most developed ones. However, when you are working on the boosted economy, then you have a brighter future. The economy of Canada basically thrives on the three main types of industries: service industries, manufacturing industries, and natural resources. Service industries offer a major chunk of employment such as transportation, education, health care, banking and communication, retail service, tourism, and even government jobs. The second industry that helps in economy boost is the paper and high technology types of equipment, aerospace technologies, and even food and clothing industries. Natural resources contribute to the economy in the form of forestry, fishing, agriculture, mining, and energy conservation.

3) More employment opportunities:

When you are a skilled professional, you want to move somewhere with better working opportunities. When the country has such a solid economy, the number of businesses will increase the demand for skilled workers, creating better job opportunities. Because the country has eased the process nursing community can now easily move to the country and fulfill their job requirement. The immigrants now have better working conditions because the government is paving the way for them to find better jobs as per their experience and education. It is unbelievable how the country is progressing to ensure that new people get great job opportunities with better skill sets.

4) Universal healthcare program:

Whether you are working in the field of healthcare or not, the government has established a universal healthcare program for all its residents. The government asks the residents to pay taxes on time, and those are used to pay for the Canadian universal healthcare system. If you have been in the hospital, you would know how hard the treatment gets and to enjoy the free perks of healthcare one has to invest in. When you are immigrating to another country, then you need to make sure that the health system in the respective country is top-notch because, after a global pandemic, you cannot afford to take the risk and pay medical bills out of your pocket. With an established health system, you would not have to worry about the health and wellness of your family members because it has been taken care of.

Ending words:

With the strike of COVID-19, the countries have to rethink a lot of their decisions because it has directly impacted the overall economy and infrastructure. People from developing countries like India are trying to work for a better life because it is the need of the hour. The country has a multicultural aspect, welcoming people from all life backgrounds and living in harmony. It is one of the most beautiful countries globally, but the harmony has made it even special for people to migrate.

If you are working for a better life, you need to work on the application process right away. When you are stuck with your current responsibilities, let the immigration consultants help you apply to the right visa category. This article has highlighted a few points to convince you that your nursing career will have a boost with Canadian immigration.

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