What are the benefits of having a blog?

Having a blog has its pros and cons, we will make a brief analysis of each part and then I present my personal opinion.
What are the benefits of having a blog?

Benefits of having a blog

Personal satisfaction . In truth, although it may not seem like it, I don’t do blogs solely for earning money and for having an economic remuneration, although it is true that money is my motivation for being here writing right now, money is not everything. My personal satisfaction is achieved when I set goals and when I achieve them, likewise, if I do not reach those goals I feel “bad” with myself. An example is to mark me never to never leave this blog, which for the moment is an objective that I am fulfilling, I have marked it because most of the other blogs I had and have are half dead, however with this it will not be like that.


Rich, rich money . It is the main motivation for all projects, everything must be said. Earning money for your effort and enjoy it as you want, tastes so good …
Meet people . You are just being a blogger, you have support from many people. You will meet many people in your field and make many friends, like me. By the way, there are communities of bloggers who make hangouts and everything! As for example IronBlogger that I like a lot.
Fun . I think if you don’t like writing articles and creating blogs, you wouldn’t be a blogger, am I wrong? If you do it is because you have fun and you like it, in addition to the monetary compensation that helps you have fun.

Disadvantages of having a blog

Extra obligations . It’s true, you’ll have to do more mandatory things if you want to have a blog.

Personal opinion

I think everyone would have to have a blog, I have fun, it makes me money and makes me meet people. What more could you want?

How often should I publish on my website?

Visits of my website . If your website has few visits influences your motivation to write and therefore the recommended articles to write weekly. This point is very important since if I have a blog with several daily visits (+100) then I have to have a little obligation to publish articles more frequently than if I have one without visits, if on the contrary you have one with many daily visits (+1000) you must at least offer content to not bore your readers and increase your visits.
Team of editors . It is not the same to be alone in your project (as is my case) than to have one or more partners involved, in case you are your own, you are totally autonomous, you must value your options and go on your own, however, if You have a partner who is with you, you must distribute the work evenly or even be able to publish each part of it and they all add up to have double, triple or quadruple articles than a normal blog. There is a word that I really like called “Synergy”, one day I will talk about it in an article exclusively dedicated to this.
Theme . Obviously your theme has a lot to do. Having a micronicho is not the same as having a breaking news blog. Rate how many articles you need according to your theme.
Work, studies, …  It is what happens when you work or study, that you have less time than some other blogger, but that does not matter, I knew a friend who worked from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon charging relatively little and dedicated to his blog 3 hours a day (from 10 at night to 3 in the morning). To my knowledge, he is doing quite well and his blog is progressing at a speed of vertigo. With this I want to draw conclusions, it’s your turn to think.
Anyway, we will answer the question  , how often should it be published on my website? Well, taking into account all the factors you cannot give an exact number, but my model is in  3 or 4 weekly articles distributed equally.
Surely not even meet these but well, I will try to be around bothering from time to time.
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