Type of Internet business model Which one suits you best?

Every type of Internet business model has its advantages and cons.

It is very important to be able to offer, in our project an innovative product or service but the type of Internet business we choose to launch or promote it is more important, if not, our chances of success will be reduced to the slightest expression.

Type of Internet business model Which one suits you best

What type of internet business model to choose?

It is clear that all types of business models on the Internet can be successful, but they must be given the right approach and governed by characteristics to be profitable.
1. Type of internet business model, based on advertising: It is generated from a high visitor traffic to your website or blog, and the circumstance is used to monetize the blog through advertising.
Advantages: It requires a minimum investment and little knowledge to start.
Against: The main source of income depends on the traffic that our website or blog has and getting high traffic that generates high income is very complicated. Everyone can build a blog and advertise, but very few manage to make it profitable to be the only source of income for a blog.

You can start: Google Adsense, Chitika, Kontera

2. Type of business model, based on an affiliate network: It is mainly based on doing the work of promotion and sale of products or services for third parties, taking out a small commission. Commissions vary, depending on the product offered.
The type info products, e-books are the products with a higher commission, in some cases reaching 50 to 65%.
Advantages: You can work with big brands, well introduced in the market. You have a lot of products or services that you can promote or sell on your blog.
Against: Since there is a lot of competition, the content sometimes becomes unimportant and usually duplicated, so Google will stop considering you.
You can start: Geazen (it’s the one I work for), Commission Junction, Amazon
3. Type of business model, based on Drop Shipping: Drop Shipping refers to intermediaries, of products that offer to send the product directly to the customer, your only job is to promote it, receive the money and send the shipping order to dropsshiper. Its gross profit is the difference between the two prices. It can be applied to any product you can imagine.
Advantages: Profit margins can be very good; You don’t have inventories or invest in it, or invest more than the necessary spripts.
Against: Investing time to find a reliable distributor (do not trust Chinese distributors); it requires a serious marketing and promotion strategy; complex payment option system.

You can start: WorldWideBrands

4. Type of internet business model, based on commercial sales: A physical product sales site is the next step after dropshipping. It can be perfectly an extension of your business in your blog or web. For example, if you already have an offline business, create an online site and promote yourself to obtain new customers, higher sales and position your brand.
Advantages: Increase your sales considerably, your brand will be very reinforced and you can even make others use the internet business model, such as affiliate network and dropshippers for others to sell your own products.
Against: High time and economic investment, you physically need product inventories, you need some kind of physical basis because you cannot offer your services to everyone.
You can start: Create a professional blog in WordPress, in Blogger, in Joomla
5. Type of internet business model, based on Subscriptions: You can charge visitors for the subscription to your site, for its use. You must provide a service or information that has real value and people are willing to pay for it.
Advantages: Generate high income, high profit margins, predictable and solid traffic.
Against: It requires having certain computer resources to start, difficult to find an untapped market niche, requires constantly incorporating new elements to keep your stay tuned with me.


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