Top 6 Shimla places for your romantic trip

One of the reasons Shimla continues to be a place for romantic getaways is the colonial charm in a hilly landscape. While this is a popular destination, you have a selection of lesser-known destinations around Shimla if you want to explore more of the mountains around it. These are places that resonate with Shimla but are relatively offbeat and perfect for a break with your significant other with stunning landscapes and activities that contribute to the experience. Here are our selections to visit the most romantic places near Shimla.

1. Kasauli

Kasauli is a silent little settlement in the Ramayana mountains, which is mentioned. During the British Raj, it was also used as the cantonment area. Kasauli is a nice hilly town a short drive from Shimla, offering stunning views over the Himalayas. Snow-covered by snow. In Kasauli’s architecture and construction, the colonial influences are visible. The charm of the old world makes it a romantic getaway for you. Kasauli has a lot to offer ranging from activities such as walking and trekking to sights that include churches and historic buildings. Additionally, there are picturesque small cafes, and a 200-year-old brewery perfect for a relaxing vacation.

 2. Chail

This hidden hill station is in the Shivalik region of the Himalayas. Chail, one of Shimla’s most romantic spots to visit, is 60 km away. Chail overlooks the Sutlej Valley with breathtaking views of snow-capped summits, beautiful orchards, and dense forests. Rajgarh, Pandewa, and Sadh Tiba, a conglomerate of three hillocks, the city recall typical foreign landscapes. It was built by Patiala’s previous ruler after Shimla had been banished because she was eloping at the hill station with the daughter of a senior British officer. Like every other Himalayan hill town, the area offers plenty of opportunities to walk, fish, or fish in the Giri River. The Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is another remarkable attraction for nature lovers.

3. Naldehra

This little paradise on Earth is a short drive away from the main town of Shimla. Essentially, Naldehra is a Shimla extension. The city looks like it’s materialized out of Ruskin Bond’s novel, white with a thick green cover and Himalayan Deodars. It is best known for the immaculate golf course that the former Viceroy of British India, Lord Curzon started. It has now developed into an 18-hole golf course that offers amazing views of hills around, initially planned as a nine-hole golf course. You can also try rafting and horse riding in Naldehra, in addition to the usual activities.

4. Kufri

Kufri became prominent during the British Raj like Shimla and Kasauli and was founded in 1819. Nonetheless, Kufri is one of the best romantic places to visit near Shimla in sizes considerably smaller and not as extensive in infrastructure. It is 20 km away and offers a calm getaway, far from the crowd of tourism from Shimla, to you and your partner. This mini hill station has its own zoo apart from being known for skiing and horse rides. There are also more than 180 fauna and 215 flora in the Himalayan national park, a short distance from here. Head right here for the winter festival in February during the winter. You can register in the soft snow, apart from skiing, for other activities such as slideshow and karting.

5. Solan

Often referred to as Indian “Mushroom City” in this picturesque location. Besides mushrooms, Solan has also won the ‘Red Gold’ moniker for the red plump tomatoes. It is located between the Karol and Maitul peaks and serves as the district headquarters. According to Hindu mythology, the Pandavas have found their home in exile in the caves of the latter. In addition, the Dagshai village in Solan is of historic importance. It was here during the British Raj, that the Irish mutiny of 1920 was held. The town has also an industrial aspect and some of the oldest breweries worth visiting are housed. Go exploring with your partner the picturesque city!

6. Manali

Lastly, a hill station that is popular with Shimla. Manali has bakeries, cafes, and outdoor activities to help you find yourself, among the most romantic places to visit near Shimla. Manali is the place to be for the adventuring couple on a vacation. A wide range of options is available starting with trekking, climbing and mountain biking, paragliding, rafting on rivers, and skiing. It is almost worth a visit to the unspoiled rural environment of Old Manali.

 The charm of a past era, the excitement of mountain exploration, and the amazing views of the magnificent Himalayas are all around. In combination with the colonial aura of the former British Raj, the place to visit near Shimla is a perfect romantic one.

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