Top 5 Best Crypto Tax Software in 2022

Financial allies understood the crypto market’s capacity, and many have contributed and benefitted from this new computerized money.

Be that as it may, with benefits come charge liabilities, and understanding crypto currency charges isn’t relatively as straightforward as it might appear. To save you time and decrease any possibilities of human mistakes crawling into your yearly crypto charges, we have made a rundown of the top 10 crypto charge software to mechanize the cycle.

5 best crypto tax software in 2022

We looked at this large number of tools across different boundaries, for example, client experience, client assistance, effectiveness, and pricing, to give you a one-stop answer for your crypto charges.

A few crypto charge software online appears to be solid; however, not all merit the price. You should depend on industry specialists to see something as significant as your funds and expenses.

What are the top crypto charge software programs regarding precision, dependability, straightforwardness, and usability? How about we find out:

5 Best Crypto Tax Software in 2022

We should now investigate every one of the tools referenced above with the goal that you can pick the best crypto charge software for your particular necessities.

1-Tokentax: Best Tax Software Crypto For Complex Filing

Tokentax isn’t simply a crypto charge number cruncher software. It’s likewise an undeniable crypto charge bookkeeping firm, making its administrations substantially more solid, far-reaching, and precise.

Capable in profound Crypto, Defi, and NFT, specialists at Tokentax have long periods of involvement with this industry, giving you the best returns and saving hacks each financial year. Tokentax likewise consistently incorporates your wallets and advanced resources, so you don’t need to stress over moving lots of information into its assessment computation software. Also, get 30% off using the Tokentax Discount Code.

The variety of its plans makes it ideal for each kind of merchant, expert or novice. Its auto-produced charge reports and forms will save you time which you can use to bend over your venture gains.

Best Features

This is the very thing we love about Tokentax:

  • Dispenses with manual information passage and adjusts your wallets to import exchange history. Auto matching up likewise makes finding and fixing mistakes more straightforward.
  • You can continuously follow your expense responsibility progressively with the goal that the numbers never get you unsuspecting.
  • Tokentax has each tax document you will require, including worldwide forms. For additional help, you can likewise incorporate it with applications like Turbotax.
  • Suppose you have complex necessities like numerous exchanges, missing information, or cross-chain deals. In that case, Tokentax specialists are exceptional to help you with the best potential returns.


  • Tokentax offers 4 paid plans. We should investigate:
  • Fundamental
  • $65/fiscal year
  • Upto 500 exchanges


  • $199/budgetary year
  • Upto 5000 exchanges


  • $799/fiscal year
  • Upto 20000 exchanges


  • $3499/budgetary year
  • Upto 3000 exchanges


  • Helmed by an expense bookkeeping firm
  • Auto information matching up and the board
  • Auto-produced forms and reports
  • Exceptional in managing an emergency


  • No free arrangement or preliminary

2-ZenLedger: Overall Best Crypto Tax Software

If you are searching for a platform to follow your exchanges, watch out for the benefit and misfortune you make, and get the best profits from your duties, then look at ZenLedger. Intended for exact assessment recording to shield you from overpaying, ZenLedger is best known for being quick and easy to understand.

ZenLedger is straightforward. You should import your exchange history, survey the information, and download the form. This software additionally upholds 400+ trades and over 30 De-Fi conventions. You generally have a dependable accomplice to do your cryptocurrency burdens, paying little mind to where and how you put away your cash.

One more striking component of ZenLedger is its heavenly client assistance division. Its specialists are accessible to assist you with each issue 7 days seven days through visits, email, and calls. With ZenLedger, you won’t ever be abandoned alone to deal with your crypto charges.

Best Features

This is the thing we love about ZenLedger:

  • Its assessment-gathering tools permit you to pursue smart choices while exchanging and setting aside cash. You can see the distinction it makes with its definite expense reports.
  • To improve on monitoring a more significant number of exchanges, it offers a calculation sheet with information about your past exchange history ordered in one spot.
  • ZenLedger utilizes a two-factor validation login process for each client to keep your information secure and your exchanges private.
  • With more than 50000 blissful clients and more than $2.5 billion, ZenLedger has become dependable and proficient with crypto charges.


  • ZenLedger offers a free arrangement for up to 25 exchanges. From that point onward, you can pick any of these paid plans.


  • $49/fiscal year
  • Up to 100 exchanges


  • $149/budgetary year
  • Up to 5000 exchanges


  • $399/fiscal year
  • Up to 15000 exchanges


  • $999/budgetary year
  • Limitless exchanges


  • Quick and dependable
  • Simple to utilize
  • Experienced with 50k+ clients
  • 2FA for additional security


  • Neighborhood tax documents are just accessible for clients in the USA

3-CryptoTrader.Tax: Most Reliable Crypto Tax Software

CryptoTrader was established in 2017 by CoinLedger, situated in Kansas City. The organization sent off Tax — thus the name It’s a phenomenal cryptocurrency charge number cruncher that will help you compute every one of your exchanges and convert them into reports you may submit to the IRS.

CryptoTrader.Tax naturally monitors your portfolio and sets aside your cash with charge misfortune reaping methods. You can likewise utilize this tool to set up the conventional IRS form 8949 and short and long-haul deals reports, foreign addition/misfortune reports, cryptocurrency income reports, etc.

In 2022 they plan to rebrand their organization name to CoinLedger.

Best Features

  • Accomplices with the top duty planning tool to simplify it to e-record your crypto income and misfortunes with your absolute government form
  • Matches up your exchange information from a limitless number of crypto trades with mechanization features
  • It works with TurboTax and TaxDirect, and north of 200 cryptocurrency trades.
  • Permits you to send out charge information to TurboTax or TaxAct
  • Naturally figures your benefits from mining, gifts, marking, airdrops, and forks
  • Upholds north of 2500 unique crypto coins


CrytpoTrader.The Tax has four pricing choices:

  • Specialist plan
  • The Hobbyist plan incorporates 100 exchanges, free report reviews, and live visit help for just $49 per charge season.

This plan additionally consists of:

  • Limitless report modifications
  • IRS Form 8949
  • FIFO, LIFO, and explicit ID
  • Capital additions report
  • TaxAct coordination
  • TurboTax coordination
  • Tax-loss gathering

Informal investor plan

  • The Day Trader plan incorporates 1,500 exchanges, live visit help, free report reviews, and different administrations found in the Hobbyist plan for $99 each duty season.

High Volume Trader plan

  • The High Volume Trader plan incorporates a constraint of 5,000 exchanges, needs client care, free report reviews, and all of the extra features in the Hobbyist and Day Trader plans for $199 per charge season.

Limitless Plan

  • The $299 per charge season CryptoTrader.Tax Unlimited arrangement incorporates limitless exchanges, free report reviews, need help, and every one of the features found in the other pricing plans.


  • Simple to join
  • Coordination with TurboTax
  • Cutthroat prices with numerous levels
  • Charge misfortune gathering
  • Auto-fills the IRS Form 8949
  • Live to visit client service


  • You can’t record the government form straightforwardly

4-Koinly: Super-Fast Crypto Tax Software

Koinly is an exceptionally well-known crypto charge software with super-quick duty estimation and detailing expertise. As the application claims, you can finish your advanced resource charge in less than 20 minutes. Accessible to more than 20 nations, Koinly, in addition to your expenses, also gives you simple tips on diminishing your duties for the following monetary year.

Interfacing your exchanges with your Koinly account is simple. You can either transfer a .csv document or utilize its API to interface your venture records and let Koinly straightforwardly import all the information it will require. The most thrilling part is that it upholds 300+ trades and wallets.

Best Features

  • This is the very thing we love about Koinly:
  • An informative dashboard to give you a brief look into your benefit or misfortune for a given monetary year, all-out development, ROI, current property, and so on
  • Koinly charge reports are ensured to pass each review. You might download them for your group to see.
  • Its shrewd transform matching innovation will consequently identify exchanges between your records to reject them from your duty reports.
  • Its twofold passage record framework monitors each exchange you make to work on mistake following and troubleshooting from here on out.


Koinly offers a stunning free arrangement with up to 10,000 free exchanges, portfolio following, capital increase surveys, and so on.

You can likewise change to any of its paid plans:

  • Newbie plan for $49 each fiscal year
  • Holder plan for $99 each fiscal year
  • Dealer plan for $179 each fiscal year

The best part is every one of these plans receives responsive email support and has practically comparable features, notwithstanding a couple of extra advantages in the Trader plan.


  • Fast and proficient
  • 100 percent exact reviews
  • Best tips on diminishing expenses
  • Simple information import and product


  • Doesn’t acknowledge crypto as a help installment

5-CoinLedger – Cryptocurrency and NFT Tax Software

If you’re searching for software that can assist with removing the pressure from crypto charge detailing, CoinLedger is an ideal platform for you. The platform is smooth and is intended to be simple for anybody to utilize — regardless of whether you’re not a tech or money master. Associate your wallets and trades, and produce your assessment report in minutes.

CoinLedger’s help group is top-notch. Unlike different platforms, CoinLedger’s client assistance group is accessible to all clients through talk and email. Their heavenly help is essential for the motivation behind why the organization is evaluated as 4.8 stars on Trustpilot with more than 500 audits.

Best Features

  • CoinLedger permits financial backers to follow their crypto portfolio for nothing — you can see your benefits and misfortunes across all wallets and trades.
  • CoinLedger gives clients a duty misfortune reaping report — which can assist you with saving a great many dollars on your expense bill.
  • Assuming you’re executing on blockchains like Ethereum, enter your wallet address, and CoinLedger will ascertain your benefits and misfortunes.
  • You can import your CoinLedger charge report without much stretch into platforms like TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct, and Taxslayer.


CoinLedger permits clients to evaluate the platform and track gains and misfortunes for nothing. You can pick one of the accompanying choices to download an expense report.


  • Import your information and track your portfolio


  • $49/fiscal year
  • Up to 100 exchanges

Informal investor

  • $99/budgetary year
  • Up to 1,500 exchanges

High Volume

  • $199/fiscal year
  • Up to 5,000 exchanges


  • $299/budgetary year
  • Limitless exchanges


  • Coordinates with 300+ trades and blockchains — including Coinbase and Ethereum
  • Programmed information adjusts to assist you with following your benefits and misfortunes.
  • Simple to utilize
  • Client care is accessible 7 days seven days on visit and email


  • Doesn’t acknowledge crypto as a help installment

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