Reasons Chewy Is Your Cats Favorite

Haven’t we all secretly said a prayer or wrote a full rant on how there should be more stores that cater our pet’s needs. It’s easier to find products for felines and dogs but where to find the right food for your slippery reptile friend and an adequate house for the small fluff ball of a hamster you just rescued?

Reasons Chewy Is Your Cats Favorite

All our pet parent concerns have come to rest at the Chewy Story. A one-stop-store for all pets. Now we know how extravagant it can get to look after our animal child. The imported quality food to their toys, it can all add up to be pricey. However the promo code for chewy has made the bulk buying inexpensive!

Be it a triple coated Persian cat or an exotic snake you have as a pet, Chewy has products for almost all pet-able animals. To help you avoid contemplating which product is the best, we have come up with a list of products that are not only good for your pets but are readily available at Chewy.

The Vast Range of Imported Cat Food

It’s common for pet-owners to get infuriated when their feline’s food does not get re-stocked. Cats don’t like changes-it’s a fact, but did you know it can also cause tummy troubles when you abruptly change their food brand?

Chewy is your fur child’s favorite because no matter from where the food brand is imported, they have a full stock available at all times.

Food Brands for Special Needs

If you have just rescued a kitten, Royal Canin’s range of Baby-mother food is your go-to product. And if your car is lactose intolerant or hypo-allergenic, the German imported brand Josera has a range to cater every cat’s requirements.

And if you are just looking for a good quality dry food brand for your fur baby, nothing can beat the nutrients of The Taste of the Wild. All these brands are available at Chewy, and are re-stocked frequently.

Choosing Cat Litters Is Crucial

Let’s be honest, as much as we love to cuddle and smooch our fur baby, the smell of their poop is malodorous!

If you are new to pethood, the litter training can not only be tedious but cost you a lot of money as from the litter to deodorizer you may experiment till your cat finally learns! At Chewy, consultation is provided and you can find a massive range to choose from.

To get your feline litter trained serves you well. But knowing what litter they prefer can be tricky. We suggest you try The World’s Best unscented, clumping corn litters.

Once your cat is used to of it, either you can continue with this brand or switch to Frisco’s or The Tidy Cat’s litter. At Chewy, you can find the natural clay product at a very cheaper rate with a huge 30lb pail.
If you want to opt for a scented one, Dr.Elsey’s precious ultra-scented litter can be a good purchase with Chewy’s promo code.

Treat Them with Yummy Treats

If you own a cat, you know who really owns whom. We all know cats love to gaze around, wagging their tails just enjoying their freedom. However, there are ways you can teach and train the pawssy creature. Treats for one!

Chewy has the most exclusive range of treats for your cats. From crunchy to lick-able ones. Temptations treats being the top seller and feline’s favorite! The crunchy yet melt in the mouth chunks should be kept out of reach from the ninja cats as only a few are to be given per day!

They come in various flavors, chicken being the safest and all-cat-approved one. Use the promo code for chewy to buy these treats when you are re-stocking their regular food.

You can tempt your kitty with lickable treats by Hartz, chicken broth to sockeye salmon. Over 2 flavors are available at Chewy.

Toys for Entertainment

A healthy cat that is groomed regularly and is well fed needs to extra vitamins and supplies. However, what nourished their brain and keeps them inquisitively playful are toys designed especially for them.

Toys that boost a cat’s metabolism and keeps their natural instincts alive are the best. Chewy has partnered with Frisco to provide your paw friend with multiple fun activities. Ranging from a basic mouse plush to a play tunnel, Frisco has a wide range of toys.

The most favorite ones being colorful springs, sticks and fetch balls. Get your cat toys that have catnip instilled in them, the leaf powder not only makes your cat active and playful but keeps them busy all day.

There are many other products that cats love from Chewy. The scratch poles and tree houses are highly recommended. As they nurture their natural instincts and keeps your furniture protected from any cat-fun-scratching!

We hope this article helps you find basic yet essential items you need to get from Chewy for your fur friend and makes pawrenting fun for you!







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