Popular Festivals in Dubai and Rental Services

Dubai in recent years has come out to be the top tourist destination in the whole world because of its numerous attractions. This coming out has not only been beneficial for the Dubai economy but also for the business owners, especially the rental services. Dubai is likewise home to some of the most high-quality and fascinating festivals. Numerous competitions are worth seeing. They seize the attention of hundreds and thousands of tourists internationally.

Popular Festivals in Dubai and Rental Services

As per the Luxury Bus Rental Service providers, AtoZ Bus Rental, the following are some of the most famous festivals listed which resulted in the outrageous financial growth of the Bus rental services all across Dubai:

Art Dubai

The first festival that makes the list is the Art Festival Dubai, which can be named among the biggest Art festival hosted worldwide. This grandeur type of festival was hosted in 2007 for the very first time and it has been enhancing its game till then. Now it is considered to be among one of the many maximum wide-ranging art festivals. This festival is held in March and highlights the emerging and most important artists inside the field.

Over 28,000 Artists from all over the world visit the show. The Artists include curators, art creditors, buyers, and certain institutions. The whole of the Art festival Dubai is divided among three different galleries, Modern, Contemporary, and Residents. This Festival is also the venue of the maximum prominent art conference within the middle east called the Global Art Forum. Artists, curators, leaders, and writers from the world over attend the conference.

Dubai International Film Festival

Following the list of the Festival is the International Film Festival. A festival where celebrities all around the world travel to be a part of. A place where the bus rental services are used to their maximum capacity because not only celebrities but the total crew and cast are invited.

The International Film Festival is among the most important in the area and was launched in the year, 2004. Since then, it has been honoring movies in December every year. Not only does the festival attract films from Arab, but it attracts a film of all genres internationally. The outlet of numerous episodes of this festival has been made with films which have got nominations for academy awards. Numerous posh locations about the city host this Festival. The festival is likewise the area for meetings, Special appearances, and presentations.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

Among the list of the top festivals which directly played a vital role in the growth of rental services is the Dubai International jazz festival. This festival was first hosted in January 2003 at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. The show was such a hit that now it is being hosted Annually. At this festival, several famous jazz artists compete for 3 days. The festival takes region all around Dubai. Tickets are available to anyone soon in front ahead of the festival. Folks who enroll in the legitimate site will be notified when the tickets are up on the market.

The above-listed festivals are among some of the festivals which gave a rise to the rental services business. Hire the best Bus Rental Services in Dubai, as we are offering Airport Pickup Services as well.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is counted among the most eye-catching and the busiest tenure in the whole year. not only because it is shopping that we are talking about but also because every year in January all of the retailers all around Dubai offer whopping sales and discounts and the festival keeps on happening till the end of February. This festival is among the most successful festivals, one of the main reasons why this is the most successful is because the city offers tax-free shopping to all its buyers whether it may be residential or tourists. Among the best things about this festival, another aspect that never goes unnoticed is that not only local brands but all the leisure and luxurious brands have loads of discounts to offer as well.

Dubai National Day Festival

Last but not least, the most important day for the whole of the UAE is its National Day. This National Day is celebrated on the 2nd of December every year as this was the day when Dubai got its freedom from British rule. The whole of Dubai has Colonized before the freedom but now is considered as one of the most stable cities in terms of financials. On this day, the tourists and even the residents of the city can make the most of the day by watching exhilarating outdoor sports like several parachuting shows and more fun activities like camel rides and certain races involving camels.

No matter the event, no matter the festival, one business that makes the most out of such festive activities is the Rental Services as using cars and driving it by yourself is somewhat excruciating, therefore hiring an ideal Bus Rental Services that covers in all such events along with a professional guide is exactly what you should be going for.

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