More Powerful Postcard Marketing in 7 Steps

To get the most out of your marketing postcards, you have to go into overdrive with your efforts. Beautiful color postcards are not enough really to get the amazing results that you want in marketing. All the different aspects and characteristics of those postcards must be given a boost to get the most marketing potency out of these prints.



The great thing is, it is not actually difficult to get that maximum impact. For more powerful marketing campaigns using postcards, you can just follow seven really simple steps. Let me detail for you these steps and you will see how easy it is to be better at postcard marketing.

1. Do more homework – Homework in this case is market research. To do anything good, you need up to date knowledge about it. In postcard marketing, you will want to do your homework in terms of the current situation of the market as well as the current tastes and preferences of your goal readers.

Make sure that you know what your rivals are up to and the specific cultural references and trends that your readers get exposed to everyday. With better homework like this, you will then get the right and more effective ideas when it comes to designing and printing your marketing postcards.

2. Get better templates – Afterward, you will want to get better templates for your postcards. The standard postcard is of course good and safe, but if you want to boost the marketing results from your prints, you will need to actually use larger and more unique looking template.

This helps make those marketing postcards a lot more visible to people and of course a lot more competitive in the market. So explore your options in postcard templates and try to use a more significantly better looking one today.

3. Use more powerful images – Of course, you will want to use more powerful images for your postcards. Postcards are defined by their cover images and you will of course need more potent and more visually interesting photographs and graphics if you want those prints to actually compete with others more effectively.

So you better get more professional images and graphics for use in your postcard designs. Make sure they are in full color and rendered in the highest resolution possible before design integration. This helps make those images very impressive, helping you make those prints become more highly visible against all other marketing prints out there.

4. Write more cunning headlines – To further improve your postcards and postcard marketing, you will want to write more cunning headlines. Remember that you will need to use a unique selling proposition here that people will not be able to ignore.

So, try to write something that grabs your target reader’s attentions quickly while at the same time maintaining their attention for an extra longer time. Use the best key power words and discuss the most important topics or issues that your readers are concerned with as you write those headlines. The more they engage the readers, the more effective your postcard marketing should become.

5. Increase print numbers – In the marketing proper itself, make sure you print as many of these postcards as you can. The more postcards you have the more people that you can hook into reading the prints. So try to print as many as possible to get the widest reach and widest readership for your marketing postcards.

6. Get better materials – The quality of the paper material used for postcard printing will of course also determine the look and overall power of the marketing postcard. If you want to go overdrive with your marketing efforts, you should get the best and typically the most expensive choices in postcard printing. They give your postcards that professional and exquisite look that is hard to throw away. In fact, postcards like this demand to be read and be kept, ensuring a great degree of marketing success with them.

7. Widen distribution methods – Finally, of course, you will want to widen those distribution methods. Instead of just sending those postcards via the postal service, you can do a little extra marketing by using other methods of postcard distribution.

Postcard racks are great for passive distribution of those marketing prints. You can also try to give them away by hand, or give them away as freebies of other offers. Use as many methods as you can so that you can spread all those marketing messages more effective to different people with your full color postcards.

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With that, you should have a better postcard marketing campaign already. Just review the steps above and make sure you implement them properly for your own postcard marketing campaign. All these steps combined will work great on your postcard marketing, so make sure that you study and implement these well.

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