Linen Shirt Vs Cotton Shirt – Which Is Better

When you are looking to buy a men’s dress, all you need to do is to select the right fabric. Men’s dresses are available in various fabrics, where two of the most popular fabrics included are cotton and linen. You can’t go wrong with cotton and linen wherever you go, like it might be work, hanging out with friends, or might be a wedding. The versatility, comfortability and style offered by them make them an excellent choice for most people. Here are some comparisons between a linen shirt and a cotton shirt that helps you find the better option for you.

Linen Shirt Vs Cotton Shirt


Moisture absorption

Most people think linen absorbs more water than cotton, but it does not need to be true. Usually, linen shirts for men absorb up to 20% of their water in weight, whereas cotton shirts only a fraction of this water. The truth is neither linen nor cotton dress is water-resistant, so choose them wisely. It is recommended to avoid wearing both linen and cotton for outdoor activities when you expect rain in the place you go. If you prefer to wear either cotton or an umbrella, you can carry an umbrella with you or prefer not to get wet.


As for breathability, both linen and fabric are having the same. It is measured as RET, where the lower RET score, the more the fabric lets perspiration pass through. But the breathability of cotton depends on the weave of the fabric. Some cotton interlace is thicker and less breathable whereas, linen fibers are hollow, so air and water can easily circulate. 100% linen has 3.84, where cotton has 3.86, and 50% of linen and cotton has 4.37 breathability.

While wearing linen shirts for men, you get the feel of air flowering across your body, that makes an excellent choice for the summer season. When you wear linen for outdoor activity, it will keep you cooler and more comfortable, and cotton also comes close to matching its breathable properties.


When you go for shopping, you have to give importance to comparing the softness of cotton to linen. Mostly you will discover that both linen and cotton are very soft, but some people will argue that linen is slightly softer. Especially if it is washed and worn many times, linen will become actually softer over time. Even if linen feels softer initially, it will become even softer later down the road. Based on the manufacturer’s instruction, remember to clean and care accordingly.


When comparing dress in wrinkles property, both linen and men’s cotton shirts will develop wrinkles. Linen naturally develops more wrinkles since they are so thin and breathable, so this will prevent you from selecting linen shirts. But there are ways to prevent and control wrinkles in linen shirts. You should not wash linen in the washing machine when it is mentioned that it is dry clean only. If it is mentioned as dry clean, you can take it to local dry cleaners to have it professionally cleaned.


Though linen shirts for men are highly breathable, they don’t offer much warmth. Suppose you are looking for the best shirt for winter then you can choose cotton for this reason. For the spring and summer months, linen shirts are cool and comfortable. During the fall or winter, you will find yourself getting extremely cold, especially if you are not wearing a jacket. On the other hand, cotton provides good insulation and protection from the elements. To get a high level of comfort, you can select the thicker 100% cotton shirts. When compared to linen, cotton provides a superior level of warmth.


One of the real factors you need to accept is that linen shirts are stronger and more durable than cotton shirts. Naturally, linen is 30% stronger than its cotton counterpart. Linen is stronger and more durable than cotton shirts. You have to take the necessary precautions to prevent them from harming when wearing them. When compared to cotton, linen shirts are less likely to sustain damage. Due to the weaving pattern that uses thick yarn in linen fabric, they are stronger than cotton. Due to this, linen durability is much better than cotton.


Linen is typically last longer than cotton shirts. You may think how many years of use will linen shirts get out, but the answer depends on whether or not you maintain and how you clean them. Most men still wear their linen shirts until they no longer fit.

Summing it up

The above-mentioned points might give you a better understanding of the difference between linen and cotton shirts. Both have their own pros and cons, but linen offers several key benefits over cotton. But still, there are reasons to choose cotton shirts like cost and warmth. When choosing the shirt, consider when and how you will be wearing them and select the fabric that best suits your requirements.








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