Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is such a well-known winter trip that it’s been dubbed the “Queen of Winter Treks.” It is famous amongst hikers because of the knee-deep snow in the winter, the breathtaking view from the top, and the gorgeous and simple pathways.

Kedarkantha is a moderately difficult hike suitable for beginners and families. The ‘easy on endurance’ trek winds through Govind National Park’s heavy pine trees.

Kedarkantha Trek

Trekking and camping

The Kedarkantha journey takes about 6 days to complete. Starting at Sankri town, which is located at an elevation of around 1,950 metres. Camping and trekking options abound in the Sankri village and the surrounding communities. The journey to the peak of Kedarkantha is one of the most popular hikes in the country. The trail passes through a variety of lush green mountain slopes and meadows. The distant Garhwal, thick forests of pine, oak, and deodar, a variety of streams and rivers, nestled in the foothills of the majestic mountains. The excursions provide beautiful vistas as well as the peacefulness of the highlands. Every step of the way is a pure treat for any nature lover. One of the most pleasant experiences is hiking through the lovely pinewoods.

Mountain biking

It is a sport that involves riding across the hills on relatively flat terrain. It’s ideal for mountain biking, and it’s a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers. In the highlands and rough terrains, this is among the most fascinating and exciting pastimes. Mountain riding is becoming extremely prevalent among adventure lovers in the Garhwal Himalayan regions.

Bird watching

It is yet another popular and enjoyable thing to perform in the highlands. The Nanda Devi Biodiversity Reserve is centred on the Kedarkantha summit. One of the country’s most important and well-known biodiversity hotspots. Naturally, the location is a haven for a wide variety of plants and fauna. For nature lovers and animal enthusiasts around the planet. The abundant nature of the region is up close and personal, and the variety of biodiversity of this environment is what inspires. This moderately tough hike is recommended for nature enthusiasts.

River rafting

The Kedarkantha journey takes you through a number of streams and rivers, many of which offer excellent river rafting options. White water rafting is incredibly popular in Mori, with a large number of tourists opting for river rafting. It is not for the uninitiated and will provide plenty of adventure and adrenaline.


With its gorgeous mountains and valleys, this hike is one of the most photogenic in the country. The Kedarkantha Trek is also well-liked by photographers. The breathtaking vistas that the snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys provide. Meadows are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Another key feature that has made this walk famous among photographers is the region’s tremendous biodiversity. The mountains and grasslands are affected differently by the seasons. Grasslands are blanketed in snow in the winter and in the summer. Autumn provides spectacular views of valleys ablaze with blossoming wildflowers.

Aside from the aforementioned activities, Exploring the rich and age-old tradition is another significant aspect of the Kedarkantha journey. The culture of the Garhwal settlements, which are located in the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha trip, one of the most popular in the country, has its own charm and attraction. A large number of trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world visit each year. Visit this journey if you’re looking for peace and quiet in the mountains, and you’ll find that what nature has to give is a genuinely pleasant and rewarding experience. The Garhwal Himalayas’ mountains and surrounding communities have emerged. Due to the variety of exciting activities available, it is a popular tourist destination.

Places to visit near Kedarkantha trek.

Osla village

You’ll pass via Osla, a small lovely hamlet, on your way to the Har ki Dun trek, which begins in Sankri. Osla is tucked at the mountain sloped and surrounded by apple trees, around 26 kilometres from Taluka and at an altitude of around 2590 metres. Olsa’s wooden buildings will capture your interest right away, and you’ll want to explore this lovely community.

Taluka Village

Taluka is a little scenic hamlet located 12 kilometres from Sankri either driving or walk. It is located on the Hark ki Dun trek route.You can either begin your Har ki Dun walk at Sankri or rent a jeep or taxi from Sankri to Taluka and begin your journey there.

Saru tal Lake

The Saru Tal Trek leads to the holy water in the Western Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi region. It is a moderate 9 to 10 day journey that begins at Sankri, which serves as the base camp. The Saru Tal is situated in a region where the weather is moderate during the day but frigid at night. Sankri is the starting point for the trek, with Dehradun being the final destination. At the start of this excursion, you will be able to see gorgeous meadows and the incomparable charm of the Himalayas will blow your mind.


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