Instagram for Entrepreneurs – 5 Tips to Gain More Followers

There are more than 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, 90% of whom follow at least one business page on the platform. Because of this, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for almost any business and that we can talk about Instagram strategies for entrepreneurs in order to apply these tips to gain more followers.

Instagram for Entrepreneurs

In addition, it is easier to reach your target audience on the platform, due to its simple and intuitive experience. The important thing is to maintain a close relationship with your clients, who will be your most loyal followers. These interactions will help you increase your engagement on Instagram, remember that increasing your followers will also increase your visibility and your popularity, giving a boost to your business, having more followers on Instagram UK to reach a larger audience and thus increase your possible sales.

Instagram for Entrepreneurs can be a powerful marketing tool, but you need to set your goals before entering the platform. Factors such as content, engagement, views, and ads and, of course, your audience niche greatly influence your performance in the application.

By following the right marketing trends, being consistent with both content and engagement, and keeping up with the latest trends, you can harness the potential of Instagram for entrepreneurs and give your business all the visibility and exposure it needs to take off.

Here’s how you can get your small business or business to earn on Instagram too:

Increase the number of your followers

To grow your followers on Instagram organically, you will need to invest years of time and hard work. However, it is not usually possible for companies to wait that long to be able to follow these tips to gain more followers.

As we mentioned earlier, the number of followers on Instagram is the most important fuel that helps accelerate your progress on Instagram, this is where the option to buy real Instagram followers comes in.

Remember that these tips to gain more followers will help you increase your chances of appearing on the Instagram exploration page, which increases your visibility and popularity on the platform.

Keep a good aesthetic on your profile

First things first, when users come across your profile, they won’t have time to review each post individually. Instead, they’ll just flick through the feed to get to know your brand better. Make sure to spice up your feed so you get followers and likes on Instagram. Create quality content and focus on how to present and organize it.

To do this, you can use a theme or a very specific color palette, if your feed is visually striking and attractive; it is more likely that you will get more followers. It is also important that you make sure that your bio directly communicates what your business represents so that your audience knows it from the moment they enter your Instagram profile. Your bio should be short, accurate, and give a reason for users to follow you. If your company has a website, feel free to add it along with the bio as well.

Interact with your followers

If you are starting out on Instagram, it is crucial that you pay attention to each user who interacts with you. Whether it’s responding to your “direct messages,” your comments, or your reactions to stories, make your audience feel valued.

After all, every follower is a potential customer, add a call to action in your posts for more users to comment and engage with you, use polls, stories and stickers to interact with them in a fun way. You can even do a “live” to interact with your followers in real time; these strategies will also help you get more followers on Instagram.

Create content strategies

Creating and publishing content helps you gain more followers and likes on Instagram. Visual content is the one that helps the most; you must take into account some aspects when creating a content strategy for Instagram:

  • All your posts must be of high quality. Instagram publishes more than 90 million posts a day, which means that it is easy for poor quality or mediocre content to disappear in the noise, you must give quality content to your followers and this way you will also achieve more followers.
  • Don’t overload your feed with solely promotional posts. Your audience might unfollow you if they see too many such posts. Instead, create content that is fun, interesting, engaging, and is linked to your brand in one way or another. You can use the 80/20 rule to plan your weekly publication calendar, in which 80% of your publications are not promotional and have the sole objective of increasing your engagement and only 20% of your publications are promotional, so you are giving it varied and fresh content to your followers, in such a way that you will be gaining more popularity.
  • Give the same priority to videos. This is because Instagram loves videos. Whether it’s uploading videos through Instagram posts, Reels, IGTV or stories, make sure to fully incorporate the app’s video features into your content strategy, this will increase your engagement and popularity.
  • Focus on the hash tags. Research and use the appropriate hash tags in each publication to increase your visibility use hash tags specific to your niche so that you can reach more people who are interested in your products.

In addition, you should also take into account the best time to post based on the behavior of your followers and the performance of your previous posts.

Be methodical with your content

To get more likes and followers on Instagram, it’s important to make sure you don’t randomly post content and expect great results. Instead, be very methodical and come up with a marketing strategy that guarantees consistent results throughout your business’s journey on Instagram and builds more followers.

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While there are countless ways to craft your own Instagram strategy, it’s best to first experiment with what works for you and build your strategy around it.

Here’s how you can make sure your content is methodical and consistent:

  • Schedule your posts: Create a draft of the posts you would like to upload during the following week. Organize these posts in order and use Instagram scheduling tools to post your content every day at specific times.
  • Track your progress: Head to Instagram Insights to track the progress of your posts and choose the content that works best on the platform. Make sure to create your future posts in a similar vein to the top performing posts so you can maintain your popularity.
  • Post at the right time: Use Insights to find out what your best posting times are, this will help you post when most of your followers are active and more likely to interact with you.

Although applying these strategies is mandatory, it is also important to get real Instagram followers and likes as soon as possible. After all, the chance that your audience will like your posts will only increase if they see a large number of previous likes on your posts and a significant number of followers on your profile.

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Once you start applying these tips to harness the potential of Instagram for entrepreneurs, you will notice a gradual increase in your followers and interactions. Even if you do not notice the change instantly, it is important that you be constant and keep your strategy smooth sailing so that your profile continues to work.


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