How do you make a motorcycle pallet?

There are numerous number of container options available to you through which you can ship your motorcycle but the easiest and the cost effective method  would be making shipping pallet for you. There are different thoughts set by different people that making a motorcycle pallet will be difficult but they don’t understand that it is the easiest thing that they could do and they will not have to make extra efforts for that. It is a normal fact that people think that many things are difficult to do and due to which they take a step back before doing such things and instead of that they would be ready to pay extra money for such things.

How do you make a motorcycle pallet?

The motorcycle pallet is the easiest DIY that you can quickly do without wasting much of time and the only thing that you would have to do is investing a little time from your busy schedule to make it in the easiest way. If needed you can also ask your friends or family member to help you out in the process so that you can complete the task in time in the most easiest manner.

With the following points you can make the motorcycle pallet easily.

Materials required

There are not much of the materials that are required for the process. The main thing that you have to care is regarding the utilization of the materials that even if you are going to spend less amount of money on the materials but you should utilize it to its full capacity so that your things will be properly manufactured.

 If you are thinking that that by buying expensive things it will be easy for you to make the pallet then your perception is absolutely wrong and you should buying little things and that will directly help you in making the pallet. The things that would be required to make the motorcycle pallet are hammer, nails and eyelet screws  and it will be easily available in the local market and it will not create a  problem to collect all those things and will not cost you much. In your free time you can go the market and collect all those things and get back to your home within a short span of time.

 The purchasing can be done within a short span of time without much hurdle and you can do it according to your experience and for further help you can also contact any of your friend or family member to guide you in purchasing those things.

Steps to be followed while making the pallet

1.      The longer 2X4s has to brought together which should be higher than the width of the wheel. At any of the end of the pair, you should lay down any shorter 2x4s and to keep them in the intact place then you can hammer it properly.

2.      After completing the above step you have “gutter” along with you and now you have to take three more 2x4s should be lied down near the longer ones  and now you have to complete adding on the 8 footer at the bottom line so that the wheel can rest.

3.      After the above 2 steps your major part has been completed in the finest way and now you have to flip into two more of 2x4s which should be  spaced out at approx 32 inches so that the other shorter pieces would attach to them easily without any difficulty. To keep all those things in place it will be important for you to hammer entire things properly and after completing this you would have to add another two 2x4s  on the above and you would have to keep the shorter pieces in between the longer ones.

4.      In the end you would have to hammer the entire things and when you have eyelet screws then you can place them to tie down on the pallet. With this the DIY motorcycle pallet is completed without much efforts and money. If you are going to pay the amount to someone outside then it will cost you very much therefore to cut the cost and do it in the easiest way then you can follow the above mentioned steps.

 Enclosing pallet

 It is possible that you would decide to enclose the bike lately and it can be easily done  when your shipping pallet is in place and you can also built a crate around it. To make the crate you will only need to have screws, bolts and six pieces of plywood to easily complete the task.

With the help of above mentioned steps and procedures it will be really helpful for you to make the motorcycle pallet without taking much of your time and effort which will eventually help in transporting your bike in a much better way.



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