Create a Gojek Clone App with Futuristic Features for More Revenue and Less Investment

New concepts and objectives for businesses are booming on the market. In the multi-service universe, there is a lot going on. It is now obvious that the Gojek clone software is among the top and most well-known multi-service on-demand applications in the entire world. As more and more individuals move towards a single app-based solution for their needs, Apps like Gojek have attracted a lot of investor interest.

Gojek clone

The professional-built Gojek clone app has fresh, contemporary features that are advantageous to business owners. You must be aware of the new features that have been added to the app recently in order to be able to purchase the best Gojek clone software that aids in the successful development of your company.

The Basics To Start With

The app provides a variety of services across several genres, including. Transport and logistics, providers of on-demand services, on-demand delivery of goods, etc. Two of the seven main parts of the Gojek clone KINGX 2022 app’s script are among the most recent additions.

  • Uber like taxi booking
  • Store-based delivery services
  • Parcel delivery services
  • Delivery Runner and Genie
  • On-demand Service providers
  • Service Bid
  • Online video consultation

This All in One Inclusive two newly added components are its key draws because: Users don’t have to worry about leaving their houses or placing manual calls to obtain their services.

Both situations benefit from online payment, which takes the pressure off of making cash payments. After carefully reviewing each service provider’s profile, ratings, reviews, and even photo gallery, users can select them.

The appropriate elements of the programme, which was created using cutting-edge and outstanding technologies like Java, Node.js, Swift, Socket Cluster, and many more, combine to provide these services.

What Makes KingX 2022 Different From Other Gojek Clone?

KingX 2022 has majestic features that makes the service delivery and overall shopping experience pleasurable and seamless. Let’s have a look at the futuristic features here:

Smart login

The smart login feature is selectable by the user in the app’s settings. Therefore, the user only needs to log in using their fingerprint if they are using the Android app. On the other hand, if the user possesses an iPhone, they can use the app by utilizing Face ID to log in.

The inconvenience of having to remember usernames and passwords each time a user wants to login and make a service booking has been eliminated by this feature.

Voice notes for delivery drivers

One of the most helpful features is the ability for consumers to tell the delivery person where to leave the packages, where to park their two-wheeler, etc. Once they have placed the purchase and it has been accepted by the supplier, the user can record and publish the audio message directly on the app.

Delivery runner

Users can now hire someone to complete their everyday duties thanks to this new functionality. Let’s use an example to try to comprehend this. Consider a user who has a busy day and departs early for work. Then, they can employ a delivery runner to pick up their laundry, pick up their lunch from their residences and transport it to their workplace.

Online consultation with the experts

This is a new component that allows your users to take up a video session with the service providers like Doctors, Lawyers, Fitness experts, Astrologers, etc. Thus, helping them saving their time and money both. Scheduling a video session is easy and takes only a minute. Once the confirmation arrives, the video call can be arranged and the payment is deducted within the app.

Service Bid

The typical method to hire a service provider entails searching for service providers within the app by category. Nevertheless, this new feature’s debut. Now, anyone can advertise their job requirements and wait for service providers to submit bids. This implies that after the work is advertised, the service providers who are qualified for the task at hand may be notified. They can submit bids for the jobs and provide the most convenient price based on their interest. After that, based on the service providers’ proposals, the user can select one.

It Is Only One Time Investment You Need To Do

This indicates that purchasing a new app would need a one-time investment as opposed to ongoing expenses. Additionally, it may interest you to know that buying a pre-made On demand Multi-services Platform like Gojek Clone App is a much simpler and more affordable choice than developing one.

Additionally, it may interest you to know that buying a pre-made app is a much simpler and more affordable choice than developing one. It would cost money to pay a staff of roughly 10 to 12 experts if you attempted to construct an app from scratch. The development centre benefits from their job. The cutting-edge machinery, the technology stack, and so forth.

Purchasing an already created software is a much simpler and less expensive solution that can provide you with a return as soon as you launch it in less than a week.

Your first step toward a lucrative business endeavor is the Gojek clone software. Try it today and you’ll definitely succeed!

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