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Basmati rice is the most important food in India. It is one of the most expensive rice varieties available anywhere in the world. Its natural properties, such as its long and slender shape and incredible aroma, make it the first choice for a wide variety of spicy, appetizing, and aromatic recipes from around the world. Basmati rice is grown naturally and only in the northern belts of India as well as in some southeastern parts of Pakistan. It is one of the most famous Kharif crops among the farmers of the region. However, it is the rice traders and exporters who bring this wonderful variety of rice to your plate.

Buy Basmati Rice is digital trading platform for agro-products and food products. It is the first of its kind enquiry to deliver a trade enablement platform for buyers and sellers. The platform connects buyers and sellers directly through a single platform and facilitates the entire trade process from sourcing to delivery, to payment. Rice buyers can directly get in touch with the sellers and buy branded basmati rice online. Not only this, buyers can negotiate with sellers in real-time through an innovative technology called the reverse bidding mechanism.

Basmati Rice Procurement Through is a digital trade platform that connects buyers and sellers through a single platform and facilitates the entire trade process transparently. The platform facilitates enquiry to deliver global procurement solutions to the concerned stakeholders for both buyers and sellers. It has 575,000+ verified buyers and 60,000+ verified sellers on the platform globally. That means buyers and sellers from all over the world can trade with each other easily. Buyers can easily procure basmati rice of their choice in bulk in just a few clicks. allows buyers to buy rice online in bulk directly from verified sellers or exporters from all over the world. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of basmati rice such as 1121 basmati rice. Buyers can buy 1509 basmati rice and other basmati like Cell Rice and Golden Sela rice in bulk without any hassle.

And the best part is that buyers can buy basmati rice as well as nonbasmati rice directly from the rice manufacturers through

Using groundbreaking technologies such as reverse bidding mechanisms and real-time live negotiation, has made it easy and convenient to purchase basmati rice online.

Who Can Procure Basmati Rice Through

Buyers can now procure basmati rice as per their requirement in bulk directly from the sellers or exporters on Rice traders and exporters can also make use of to procure their organic basmati rice requirements in bulk. Buyers can also procure non-basmati rice like jasmine rice, golden rice, and Sela rice in bulk through

Benefits of Buying Basmati Rice Through

  • Lowest Price – com offers basmati rice at the lowest price & 100% secure payment.
  • A large number of rice manufacturers – 800+ Verified rice manufacturers, exporters, sellers, and sellers are directly registered with
  • No Middlemen – The Platform eliminates the middlemen involved in the process so that the price can be low and the process can be transparent.
  • Popular Brands – All the major and popular brands are registered with meaning buyers can buy branded basmati rice through the platform.
  • Enquiry to Deliver – Buyers can buy basmati rice in just a few clicks through enquiry to deliver technology.
  • 24/7 customer support – Buyers and sellers can solve their queries at any time with their 24/7 customer support.

Basmati Rice Market Analysis

The global basmati rice is increasing due to its excellent quality, taste, and aroma which has increased the consumer preference for the basmati rice. Basmati rice variety is an integral part of Middle Eastern cuisine. It is used in cooking lavish dishes with layers of rice, meat, and dried fruits. It also forms part of the staple diet of many cultures, thus contributing to the growth of the industry. Rising export demand from Middle Eastern countries is also driving the global basmati rice market. The US and Europe are also significant importers.

The growing population is also acting as a catalyst for the growth of the global basmati rice market. Rising disposable income in major consuming nations is driving the growth of the market. Rising disposable income has led to increased use of premium products and thus, the growth of the global basmati rice market is being further accelerated by the introduction of basmati rice as the premium variety. With increasing health awareness among consumers, basmati varieties are being preferred due to their high nutritional value and low-fat content.

Basmati Rice Consumption Globally

For these rice-producing countries, which are different such as India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, Pakistan, and Egypt, there may be opportunities to strengthen the reasonable share of rice obtained from large mills. In Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Cambodia, consumption of more than 400 kilograms of rice per capita per day is reported to be the highest among Asian countries. Other countries in the Pacific archipelago, West Africa, and South and Central America use rice in large quantities as their staple food.

Exporting and Importing Nations 

Approximately 30 million metric tons of rice (8% of global rice production) are traded internationally each year, which is enough to supply 100 grams of rice per year to about 800 million people. Some of the major importing countries from India are Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, the U.K, the USA, Yemen Republic, Oman, and Canada.

Total global rice exports were the US $ 25.7 billion by 2021, an average increase of 5.5% for all exporting countries compared to 2020 when total rice shipments were valued at $ 24.4 billion. Some of the major basmati rice exporting countries are India: US$9.6 billion, Thailand: $3.4 billion, Pakistan: $2.2 billion, Vietnam: $2 billion, and the United States: $1.9 billion.






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