Best Treks to Do Near Bangalore


Bangalore has always been the highly advanced metropolitan city among all other cities of India. It has profound itself well in the IT sector as well as the people residing there are well educated and have gained immense knowledge by acquiring quality education. Not only in the educational and the technological aspect, Bangalore is gaining its name and fame in the tourist field as well.

Trek near Bangalore

The highly recommended trekking trails around Bangalore offer the working people the final destination to chill as well as to relax themselves from their hectic lifestyle. The trekking spots near Bangalore provides some serene views of the nature, the curvy as well as the turning roads, some ancient and historical areas to explore, the temples as well the forest regions, small hillocks, volcanic rocks and the caves etc., is lying just in the laps of all these trekking spots. The breathtaking pictures from the top of the peaks of various trekking trails is what we cherish the most and feel accomplished once we reach there. Hence the below listed places having the description of the trekking spot must be visited by you all.


Nandi Hills: Tipu Sultan’s Summer Abode

This fascinating spot is known for offering a striking sunset view other than its moderate-level voyaging commitments. The famous Indian contender Tipu Sultan’s pre-summer palace can be examined directly following the rising 1200 phases. The prestigious stone outcrop is another excursion objective broadly known as Tipu’s Drop. The amazing viewpoints on Amrita Sarovar here merit research.


Makalidurga: A beast hillock

75 km away from Bangalore, Makalidurga is one of the hardest traveling suggestions around Bangalore with wild brambles, vegetation and rock hillocks. The peaceful points of view on Makalidurga offer a perceived experience to the swashbucklers here with its dazzling roads. Accepting you are enthusiastic about photography, this is in like manner a huge charming target. You can explore the including woods and the Lord Krishna Temple at its lower areas. The objections of obliterated posts moreover attract various explorers.


Anthargange: Cave examination with Trek

Close by stunning vistas, the spot offers a moderate 3 km excursion to its visitors along stones, little hillocks, volcanic shakes and caves. This shaky way is renowned for transient camping out in its cryptic caves. A distance away of around 80 km from Bangalore, the voyagers can start their experience trip with a thrilling outing.


Madhugiri: A specific Trek Spot

This is one of the most interesting spots for venturing around Bangalore and is the second greatest strong stone after Savanagiri. This one-and-a-half-drawn out venture offers some difficult stretches coming. At the point when you show up at the apex, the underlying remaining parts of Gopalakrishna Temple merit examination.


Savandurga Hill: Explore the greatest Monoliths

With its two popular ways as Billigudda and Karigudaa, this delightful spot offers an easy to guide heading out experience to swashbucklers close by its amazing points of view. You can moreover research the recorded stronghold of Kempegowda coming. Night venture is one of the critical highlights of this spot which is tracked down 70 km from Bangalore.


Channarayana Durga: Mesmerizing Trek Views

This surprising spot is a weird mix of regular slant sees and energizing outings. You can research various flavors and shrubberies on the way for their therapeutic worth. The Age-old Maratha Fort is arranged at the apex and it is a milestone of inconceivable undeniable importance. You ought to be mindful of your voyaging course as the spot doesn’t bear any announcement, oftentimes provoking chaos.


Skandagiri: Place with Spiritual Vibes

Skandagiri is a moderate-level excursion that can be helpfully gotten to from Bangalore, Nandi Hills and Chikballapur town too. In any case called Kalavara Durga, by and large expert travelers really incline toward this excursion in light of its extraordinary way. While voyaging, you can examine the two caves coming and participate in the impeccable greatness of this spot.


Devarayanadurga: Trek through the thick woods

The sinkhole festivity of Sri Bhoga Narasimha Swamy is one of the highlights of Devarayanadurga and from now on it gets innumerable explorers during the significant length of March and April. This recorded asylum is arranged at the base and another popular safe-haven, the Yoga Narasimha Temple is arranged at the top. A cave with images of heavenly creatures can moreover be spotted coming. During the excursion, you can participate in the spellbinding ordinary springs like Namada Chilume.



These excursions can be unbelievably captivating and energizing. At the point when you are back in Bangalore, the opportunity has arrived to loosen up and restore at your motel. As the city notices a couple of visitors around the year, it offers moved hotels fit to each monetary arrangement and taste. Vivanta By Taj Bangalore, The Lalit Ashok Bangalore, Le Meridien Bangalore, Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore, Ramada Bangalore are a few of the notable comfort decisions among travelers and the people who come here for the prestigious excursions.


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