Best plants loaded with beauty benefits that your skin & hair love

Do you like skincare but the expensive price tags on the products give you a pain in the heart? It is very important to take good care of your skin if you want it to look good in the long run. For that, it is necessary to have a proper skincare routine that ensures that you give your skin everything it needs. 

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and yet we fail to take its care and that is why your skin shows the first signs of aging even if the rest of the organs are completely fit and fine. You can make out the person’s age by looking at the skin and that is where you can even fool people if your skin looks healthier and younger. Everyone at some point wishes to turn back time when their skin starts to age. But instead of regretting it afterward, why not take good care of your skin when you can stop it from wrinkling. There are many skincare products available that claim to give you younger-looking healthy skin, but the prices can make you think hundred times before adding them to your cart.

 Instead of buying creams and serums, what if I tell you to order plants online? Yes, if you look back in ancient times, you will know that plants have been used for their skin and hair benefits. Thank goodness, that time has come again when people have started shifting towards the natural ways of skincare. Your top skincare brands too contain plant-derived ingredients that you can directly get from the plants at home. Here is a list of pants that are loaded with amazing benefits for your skin.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is a very common ingredient used in Indian kitchens. If you have no idea what a bay leaf is, ask your mom, she must have used it for flavoring in foods and various dishes. Bay leaf has a strong flavoring which is like in Indian foods. But honestly, you can do much more with a bay leaf than tossing them into your food. According to Ayurveda, this leaf is a rich source of antioxidants that is a magic ingredient for the skin as well as hair. If you are struggling with a condition like dandruff, then a rinse of bay leaves can help you get rid of it and even strengthen the hair follicles for future growth. For the skin, bay leaf is known to attack the impurities, and then cure acne, and is also known as a perfect toner to de-puff your skin.

Green tea

Who isn’t aware of green tea and its benefits for the skin. I mean it has become a commonly heard name when it comes to skincare. Every brand has come up with their separate green tea range where they claim to infuse this ingredient into their products because of its amazing benefits for the skin. Green tea has antioxidants that help in coping with the aging of the skin and also prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, it can help you cure acne if you have oily skin as it controls sebum production. You can easily grow green tea plants at your home. All you have to do is buy indoor plants online and make a space for them in your garden.

 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very commonly grown plant because of its easy to care for and maintain the property. Most people plant it for its low maintenance quality and very few plant it for the benefits it has for our skin. Aloe Vera requires a warm atmosphere to flourish outside, however does especially well in pots inside the home. Aloe Vera leaves are succulents that contain a gel that can be consumed on the skin, decreases inflammation and sunburns, and makes a very good skin lotion. You ought to be mindful so as to not over-use aloe Vera as a cream as it can, unexpectedly, dry out your skin. You need to cut the leaf open and scoop out the gel. Basic! The gel can be utilized totally solo, or be fused into creams and salves.

 Sage plant

This plant is, particularly for your hair. If you want to darken your hair, then sage should be your pick. The rinse of this plant is said to be excellent for dark hair, you have to infuse some fresh or even dried leaves in water and apply this to your hair to get the results. Also, this plant is known to cleanse oily skin and gives you clear problem-free skin. The plant is known to combat aging of the skin and fight wrinkles.

These are the plants that are loaded with benefits for your skin and will level up your skincare naturally.

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