Best HRMS software to keep an Eye On in 2022

  1. Kredily

Kredily is a no-cost software for HR and payroll that helps simplify tasks in the Human resource department. The software strives to make HR applications easily accessible to all businesses within India. It is a trusted product by 1000+ clients from various industries to streamline their processes. Kredily strives to simplify life easier for business owners, finance managers and HR managers.

 HRM software

  1. PeopleWorks

 Peopleworks is a modern HCM software specifically designed to meet the needs of the current workforce. It is built with cloud computing and uses the latest technology to make the HR process quicker and more effective. The software manages more than 18,000 users by PeopleWorks for more than 200 customers.


  1. PocketHRMS

 PocketHRMS is a brand new HCM software that harnesses cloud technologies and mobile power to offer a Human Capital Management solution. It is a completely flexible HR system designed to streamline your HR department, making it more welcoming, warm and efficient.


  1. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

Automated workflow is the way to go and it is the future. Automated solutions are time-efficient and more productive. HRMS Software Surat is the new trend in this modern business world currently. Ultimate Business System (UBS) offers a top-of-the-line HRMS software with automated tools that not only handles your HR tasks but also ensures overall business growth.


  1. PulseHRM

 PulseHRM is a complete and best HR software designed for medium to small-sized businesses. The software streamlines each step beginning with onboarding employees by setting up goals, monitoring employees’ performance, and determining requirements for training among employees. It is called Pulse. HRMS is the best solution for everyone, from a startup to a large company. The software can accommodate more than 5,000 employees.


  1. Qandle

 Qandle is a complete HRMS software solution that covers all your HR requirements. It was named among the top HR software worldwide in 2018. Qandle includes 36 apps that cover HR and payroll, and talent management and managing company expenses. It’s equipped with modern technology, the most advanced analytics tools, and the support of mobile phones. Qandle has been ISO recognized as ISO. It currently serves hundreds of happy clients from 20different industries and has over 200,000 people using its platform.


  1. Spine HR

 Spine HR can be described as an HRMS software that is simple, flexible, and simple. It stores all details of every employee within an organization. It automatizes processes like training attendance, workflows, and training. It’s a comprehensive solution to all HR and payroll HR issues and ideal for the work-from-home situation.


  1. 247HRM

247 is a comprehensive HRMS software that can simplify the payroll and HR management processes. It offers the opportunity for businesses to tailor their workflows to fit the needs of their organization. They are always evolving and updating their software to guarantee the security of information, the reduction of paperwork and the amount of time spent on daily HR processes so that you can focus on your primary needs.


  1. Zeta HRMS

 Zeta HRMS is a cloud-based software solution. It is a system that manages the whole workforce of employees within a business and gives employees a means to manage and view their personal information. The software is accessible in the UK and in and in the Middle East, Kenya, and India.


  1. ZingHR

 ZingHR is a revolutionary HR software that uses AI-powered technologies to enhance the quality of the user experience. With support for more than 20 different languages, ZingHR is an application that aims to improve your employees’ productivity, regardless of geographical borders. ZingHR has been certified due to NASSCOM, ISO and has joined forces with Microsoft Azure.


  1. Zoho People

Zoho People is a comprehensive HR software application. It gives the HR services delivery to a central system and provides HR employees with self-service options. Zoho people software allows businesses to quickly customize their software per their specific requirements. Zoho people come with an intuitive user interface that connects all user information to a single Zoho account.


  1. Zimyo

 With many years of expertise, Zimyo handles the complete Human Resource Management System exceptionally. Zimyo has provided significant help to human resource professionals by automatizing all aspects of the human resource process. They also assist businesses by providing SaaS solutions. Zimyo’s efficient platform Zimyo aids businesses in reducing their loss of employees by three times. Their goal is to translate the company’s Equity and employees’ engagement into the incentive and cash rewards to employees. This, in turn, aids their families in living an enjoyable life.


  1. Batchmaster

 Batchmaster was created to help simplify HR procedures. The company generally provides three HR plans to satisfy your needs. These are the base plan, premium and payroll. Maintaining spreadsheets and keeping records of the employee’s manuals could be lengthy and time-consuming. The company’s greatest benefit is that it keeps track of each employee’s details from the time of joining until the day he leaves the office. The automated features of the spreadsheet help eliminate all manual labor.


  1. Timelabs

 The company can have multiple branches across India or even outside of it. Sometimes managing the data of human resources for every employee becomes a challenge. Timelabs consolidates the entire human resource management process on a single, web-based platform. Making online attendance, feeding in your time of entry and exit, and keeping track of employees’ performance is now easier through Timelabs software. It is best suited to Enterprises, SMEs, and SOHO. The software can be downloaded over the cloud or in offline mode.

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