Basic Weight Loss Tips

Do you really want to lose weight?

If your answer is yes, you should know that your weight is intimately linked to what you eat and that it is in priority on this point that you will have to work.
Say STOP to restrictive diets. This type of frustrating diet based on the prohibition on eating certain foods is catastrophic in the long term. Certainly they allow you to lose 5 pounds or more in just a few weeks, but be sure that you will see these pounds come back very quickly too. 
Adopt good eating habits in order to lose weight permanently. It is better to adopt a healthy, balanced diet, and without excess on a daily basis.
Here are some basic tips: eat everything while favoring foods with a high nutritional content, favor products with a low glycemic index, eat fresh food first, and avoid snacking.
When you eat without being hungry, your body’s natural reaction is to store this unnecessary calorie intake as fat.

Weight Loss Tips

Do you eat out of greed or under the influence of an emotion?

If in the first case a minimum of will allow you to limit these excesses, emotional feeding is nevertheless much more difficult to control. To best deal with these reactions, it is necessary to work on an approach of emotional therapy and intuitive feeding.
Find out more Sport: a supplement to help you lose weight — if diet is the essential factor to take into account to lose weight, the regular practice of physical and sports activities, beyond its many health benefits, can accelerate the process of slimming.
The reason is very simple: the fact of moving your body allows you to increase your caloric expenditure, and consequently to go “to type” in fats. 

What activities to focus on to lose weight?

There is no sport to lose weight but a multitude of activities. At first glance, we would tend to focus more on endurance sports activities such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.
However, our current pace of life does not necessarily allow us the time necessary to practice these activities. So, rather than cycling 2 hours once a week, why not do a few exercises every day? 
By performing 2 to 3 circuit training of 1/2 hour per week or by using the HIIT method which increases the metabolism, and by adding small daily efforts (going for bread on foot, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, etc.), you will spend on average much more calories per day than practicing 2 hours of sport on weekends while having a sedentary life the rest of the week.

Despite an impeccable diet and the practice of regular physical and sports activities, are you still unable to lose weight? 

Other factors may explain this blockage. Here are some tips to help you lower your weight curve again. 


Problems at work, personal worries, did you know that stress considerably limits weight loss?

In fact, when you are stressed, your body will secrete cortisol, a hormone which will notably stimulate your appetite and limit your caloric expenditure.


Researchers from the University of Laval in Quebec have highlighted the influence of sleep on weight. They have indeed demonstrated through several studies that lack of sleep would increase the feeling of appetite. 

So do not neglect this factor as part of your slimming program.
As we mentioned, stress, anxiety, but also general discomfort can be an obstacle to weight loss. However, certain natural methods make it possible to treat these imbalances.
Acupuncture Coming from traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture consists in correcting certain energy imbalances (between yin and yang) using sterilized needles, in order to regulate possible eating disorders, and / or to drain certain organs such as the kidneys, liver or pancreas.
This therapeutic method consists in acting on the unconscious in order to resolve internal conflicts , which most of the time have an impact on eating behavior. 
Thanks in particular to a work of enhancement of its image and self-confidence, management of stress and emotions, and control of impulses, hypnosis will allow to unlock certain blockages and thus promote weight loss. 

Surgery to slim down?

For people suffering from obesity, surgery can in some cases be used to lose weight. However, whatever the method used, it must be subject to medical validation beforehand.

Why am I not losing weight?

If you have an impeccable diet, that you regularly participate in physical and sports activities, that you are relaxed and well in your skin, then you should see your weight curve decrease. 
If this is not the case, there may be reasons for this phenomenon.

Need support to lose weight?

When you are alone with your pounds it is not easy to stay motivated until you reach your goal. Go and find some professional sports coach at your disposal to support you in your weight loss process.
In collaboration with health professionals, they will help you lose weight serenely, and above all to maintain your healthy weight.

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