6 Tips for Designing Your Home for A Wedding Function

Small weddings sometimes overpower the grandeur and fun associated with extravagant ones. Not all weddings in a banquet or a five-star hotel are worth remembering. Not to mention heavy expenses you bear to arrange these. Likewise, not all small weddings are boring. When planned rightly, this event will leave you with lifelong memories.

If you have decided to throw a wedding function at home, you are at the right place. This article will walk you through some amazing tips to design your home and give the guests and bride and groom a memorable experience!

Wedding Plans

Decide Where to Host the Event

If you live in a mansion, you won’t have to grapple with the lack-of-space problem. You can host the event in your entire house or dedicate a particular space to the guests, for instance, the law.

However, if you are keen to decorate rooms or a basement for this auspicious occasion, be specific about the area you will be using. Because whatever design and seating arrangements you are going to make will be restricted to the dedicated space.

Make sure the space you have chosen has a refreshment area and washroom within the reach of guests. Don’t include the laundry area and storeroom in this space or you would have to remove the furniture here and there to make them look right for the event.

Have a Weather Plan if You are Hosting the Function in an Open Area

As mentioned above, if you have a massive lawn or vacant open area in your property, that will be an ideal location for you to host this function. Though an open area means great ventilation it also brings weather-related challenges.

If the weather in your area is normally hot and the function is planned during the day hours, protecting people from hot and blinding rays requires you to put up a temporary roof.

And if the weather is usually uncertain in your region, bright sunshine can be quickly replaced by heavy downpours within a matter of hours, you will need an alternate plan.

You can either transfer the guests to a covered area or use some kind of protection at the top and on the ground to keep the rainwater out of the space.

Use Portable Toilets or Direct the Guests to the Toilets in Your House

You never know when someone might get nature’s call, or after pouring down bottle after bottle of soft drinks would have to pee urgently. So setting up a bathroom should be among your first priorities.

Fortunately, you can now set up makeshift and portable toilets in the open ground; don’t forget to cover that area for the sake of privacy. Or, a more sophisticated and alternate option would be directing them to the toilets inside your main house.

If the event is taking place inside the house, this won’t be a problem. Just clean up a couple of bathrooms and place a sign to let the guests know where they are supposed to go when things are getting out of control.

Don’t Rule Out Uninvited Guests When Planning Logistics & Dinner/Lunch

Well, we all know some people get the wind of the event and show up just at the time when the dinner/lunch is about to start. While you can’t do much about them, you can plan ahead with some extra food and logistics to prevent any disaster at the wedding.

Always have extra chairs and tables to accommodate them. Likewise, order more food. Say you have prepared a list of 200 guests, order logistics, and prepare catering for 220 people on the safe side.

If you are having trouble with these calculations or not sure whom to reach out for these logistics, get in touch with an interior designer Dubai will make sure all the bases are well covered.

A Uniform Décor

A home wedding lets you cater to almost any theme you could possibly dream of. For example, a pretty garden, fancy tables and chairs covered with enchanting fabric, a stage decorated with flowers, and so on.

You must ensure that the decoration throughout the space is uniform, or at least complements each other. Simple touches like flowers, fairy lights, bunting, and banners can do wonders and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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Once again, if your budget doesn’t allow spending extravagantly, hire a wedding event or interior design expert and ask for recommendations within your budget. They have links so they might connect you with someone willing to give you high ticket lights, fabric, and other logistics at a discounted price.

Keep the Dressing Room Away from the Guests’ Area

Setting up a dressing room for the bride and groom amid the hustle and bustle of guests in the main area won’t be a wise thing. So either use a room inside your house which is away from the main event or set up a makeshift dressing room away from the guest area.

Ideally, it should be at the rooftop or at the basement of your house so no irrelevant person can enter and bother the couple while they are preparing for the event.









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