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How to Make Money on Fiverr 2020

Hello everyone! In this blog,  I’ll tell you about the free-lancers’ platform and features and how to make money successfully. Fiverr platform is an American freelance platform that was originally thought of as a place where anyone could earn pocket money on the site. A complete instruction and guide on How to Make Money on Fiverr 2020.

You could offer services as professional by announcing that you’ll create a logo or you’ll translate the text in a humorous way. For example, I’ll dance a chung chang, record a video and send it to you and it’s all become five dollars.

How to Make Money on Fiverr 2020

Now the site has transformed if you want to order a logo, for example, it will start from 20-30 dollars and more than 1000 dollars and still more for a logo, but the initial idea of ​​the site is lively. If you want to offer eccentric services you can, for example, stand up to Jesus or sing with him birth in a banana.

Another difference between Fiverr and other freelance platforms is that you are looking for customers, so in addition to creating a profile, you need to publish your services — the so-called hygiene process of creating a service — is quite simple.

First, we enter a heading that always starts with words about it, that is, I will preferably use 40 50 characters because if you do not keep your heading concise and short, for example — all 80 valid characters — your thought will break off when searching for what will affect your understanding of the services.

Below — select a category and under the category there are enough of them and try to avoid add more categories and be more specific, depending on which category you choose. Now, you may already be prompted by subcategories and request additional data. The more you fill in, the better you will be displayed when searching.

So do not be lazy! Visit this amazing platform called Fiverr and think specifically what you offer. The last element on this page is the tags — they can be used only five. So we enter the words only essentially to match my Gigi. Your key to a good show when searching the more data you enter in these fields, the higher the likelihood that the client will be contacted by you.

Next, go to pricing where you can offer either one service or, as Fiverr recommends, three packages. Think of it as one service of just different volumes, for example, if you are a voice actor in the basic package, you suggest voicing 100 words in the package standard $ 150, each package will have its own cost and its due date. Never put the end-to-end days. 

Always give yourself a reserve because if you specify what to do in this service for two days and then delay its implementation — and the client will receive it after 5 days — even if he will not complain or Fiverr warning, but this will affect your impressions depending on your category and subcategory that you selected on the first Fiverr tab.

You also have requests for additional services that you can offer for packages — standard and premium; I would advise you to add some check-marks to what you have it won’t take much time but will increase the cost and increase the value of the package. Below there are fields gig xs - these are additional services that you can offer for an additional fee. You can enter in your own and use the template for example excel games — this means that you will send your service instead of five days earlier for 2 and take an additional 10 15-20 dollars. When you have designated your services, the question arises of the scenes what is the cost to set when you just start and put the price below.

The average market look at other freelancers how much they offer what amount of work and so first bear the price, get feedback and then you go to their higher level. When I just started I offered to install one Google ad-words advertising campaign for $ 20. Now there are no such prices start from $ 100 and 50 dollars for one advertising campaign. Therefore, even taking into account the commission of the platform, which is 20 percent, you can reach the level of earnings of 1000 2000 or more dollars a month. Have your own experience, then go to laying a gig there very briefly to describe your service.

It is desirable to use the formatting tools and identify the main idea because usually customers do not read the text as it is scanned and just below you can add frequently asked questions and answers. If you only start, you don’t know yet what questions you may be asked, but believe me, when you start working you will see that the customers are asking you the same questions in order to save time for yourself and your customers. Write these questions on your page and answer them. Further, go to the requirements tab. Here we ask specific questions what you need to start working on the service, or we ask you to attach a file or create a question with answer options. This message will be received by the client after he has already purchased your service in these fields.

How to Make Money on Fiverr 2020

Note, any messages on the site do not ask for customer’s contact information such as his mobile phone and email. Because if Fiverr tracks from this, you will be fined showing you much less in finding and perhaps even block you. Thus, you lose all your reviews.
It’s time to go to gallery tab. This is perhaps one of the most important section because it is the element about your services. All the potential customer will see when he will conduct other freelancers and you need to declare yourself. 

It should be a high-quality picture that illustrates your service with large text play around maybe your photo will work better experiment in the first downloadable illustration. This is your main cover and the rest 2 use as a portfolio and adds illustrations of your competence or design is to be completed.

You can showcase certificates of screenshots, and so on, depending on your service as Fiverr recommends that you record a short video presentation where you talk about yourself and your service according to website. It increases engagement with your service by 40 percent, and although it's not necessary. Why not try it after the publication of gigs, your analytics will be available where you can see the number of impressions of your services and how many conversions they received. If you see the difference what impressions are and there are few conversions, think what you can do, you can do three things, you can change the cover experiment and write another heading for your services and of course get good positive reviews.

Here the question arises for all beginners how to get these first reviews if you have friends who have a profile on a Fiver. Ask him to buy your service and leave positive from where it shouldn’t be a long review, a couple of words such as “how cool it was to work with you, thank you! Or “I’m glad the quality of the work done” will be enough for you to send clients because starting from scratch is always much more difficult.

If you don’t know anyone on the site and you make 2 profiles. But, if you are exposed — you will be blocked by Fiverr. As it reads your location at your ip-address and also when you attach your bank data to withdraw money. It also reads if the system sees something that the same person will prevail and there is no way to resume profile. Therefore, do not risk 1 2 reviews and the client will already have more confidence in you and the number of orders will increase from here — go for it; do not enter into a dispute and your goal is to earn yourself as many positive reviews as possible.

Besides, if you go through the arbitration system of the Fiverr site, you will be shown below.

Remember that the client is always right on any platform, so it’s better to go peacefully in order to help you schedule your services.