Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Basic Analytics

Studies of the psychology behind search engine usage have shown that users who cannot find what they are searching for quickly are likely to refine their search using a different collection of words than to searching through a different search engine. If your pages do not appear within the front page of a natural or organic search on the main search engines, for all your main keywords or keyword phrase targets, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is likely to be the solution for increasing your web-properties visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Research shows that eighty-five percent (85%) of Internet consumers use search engines and directories to locate the products, services and information they require. The Internet is the perfect medium in which to bring your business into contact with a consumer who wants what you provide. As consumers use and accept search engine results, search engine optimization is the most cost efficient means of generating qualified site traffic and activity.

What's involved?

  • Internal Linking Structure
  • External Links
  • Meta Tag Placement
  • Meta Page Title
  • Meta Page Description
  • Meta Page Keywords
  • Meta Page Keyword Phrases
  • SEO competitive analysis
  • Content Positioning
  • Keyword Development
  • Keyword Density
  • Industry's Top Search Terms
  • Website accessibility

Recommendations on how to enhance the relevancy of your site based on search queries related to your offerings.

Pay per Click Management - PPC Facts

Different search engines attract different audience profiles. Hitwise data have found that both and Google attract the wealthiest online segments, which are also most likely to shop and book online.

Below we explain the different networks alongside downloadable factsheets for greater detail some of the Paid Search Options..

Google Advertising

Google currently has distribution through partnerships with AOL; Ask Jeeves and Teoma. However, there are many other types of advertising on Google such as image ads, content advertising, shopping feeds, local search, adsense, site targeting and more. All of which will be explained in our Google Adwords Section.

Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture)

Yahoo through itÕs acquisition of Overture paid search network has now consolidated all of its advertising services under the Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) banner. With over 30 million searches a month and coverage of over 80% of internet customers, Yahoo sponsored search is indispensable to an online marketing campaign. Yahoo have also expanded into the Shopping and Travel arena as well as recently announcing Pay per Call.

MSN Ad Center

MSN AdCenter has been in the works for the past year-and-a-half and has been designed to be a centralized technology and platform that advertisers can use to manage multiple advertising campaigns, from paid-search to banner and video ads to promotions on its Hotmail service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

MSNÕs AdCenter when it launches in the next year or two, is tipped to be the next generation of online advertising, offering new innovative tools to target customers’ needs by demographics, geographic location and lifestyle data such as income level. 

Espotting, acquired by FindWhat recently announced that the companies will now be called MIVA. MIVA is a paid search network; however it is different than those detailed above, in that listings are shown among partner websites such as; The Sun; Auto Express etc. rather than in directories such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. Sponsored search results are shown in partner sites relevant to the query served; therefore MIVA can work very effectively in certain industries where they have good partnerships in place, such as Travel and Finance.

With exposure to around 6 million people and with the Ask network boasting coverage of around 60 million searches per month plus being acquired by IAC, Ask Jeeves is starting to become a real contender. With a reach of 23%, it is the fourth largest internet brand in the UK with 4 out of 5 regular internet users aware of the Ask Jeeves brand. Advertising opportunities historically ranged from sponsoring questions to interactive banner advertising. However, with the recent launch of Ask Jeeves Paid Listings, there will shortly be another player in the PPC market.

Pay per Call 

The new paid for placement form of advertising taking the world by storm. Pay per Call works by producing advertisements that are similar to those that appear on search networks such as Google or Yahoo!, however rather than paying when a prospective customer clicks through from an advertisement you pay when they receive a phone call.


Mirago is an independent search engine that provides advertising on a pay per click basis. Mirago claims 12 million searches per day on its network of partner sites and has offices in the UK, France and Germany. Mirago offers Featured Site listings or Trusted Feeds. Featured Sites are the regular PPC form of advertising, while Trusted Feeds are primarily for dynamic content websites that are e-commerce enabled with around 500 pages or more.

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