6 Tips for Writing Articles

There are many occasions, in which you are not mentally prepared, to write any type of article with the minimum quality required.

In these circumstances it is best not to do anything and leave it for another time when we are more inspired.

6 Tips for Writing Articles

Below are a list of tips that you should keep in mind when writing articles.

  • Choose the title of the article . In my case, the most difficult thing is to choose the topic I am going to talk about. Once chosen, the article developed in a very short time. For this reason, before sitting down to write the post, I have a ready list of the topics I am going to talk about.
  • Take advantage of your inspiration. Inspiration comes when it arrives. There are days that we are more productive than others, the reason ?, there are many, and it is a function of each person. What you should do is take advantage of the moments of lucidity and, write all the articles you can. These articles must be left reserved (unpublished), to be used at a time when ideas run out.
  • Do not copy information. What I want to tell you with this is that you don't take an article from another Blog, paragraph by paragraph, and change a few words to later publish it on yours. This sings a lot for users and also for Google. Ideally, read the entire article and then write it and express it in your own words.
  • Give it a personal touch. Users will follow you by the way you express yourself, by how you speak, by how you write. You must not be one more ... because if you are one more ... you will be one less.
  • Solves problems. We all have problems, but for every problem there is a solution. Each article you write must solve some very specific and specific need.
  • You must be grateful.  When someone helps you and solves any of your problems, you should thank them. The best way is to insert a link at the end of the post pointing to your article.

The 10 Rules to Get Your Goals

Human people need, from time to time, to propose new challenges.

This incentive to reach a certain place, makes us alive, both emotionally and physically.
Everyone is marked thousands of challenges, in my opinion too many.

In my view, it is better to do little and good, than to try to do a lot and never get anything.

To achieve the objectives or goals that we intend to carry out, a series of qualities are needed, which not everyone has. Next you have a relationship of the type of mentality that we must have, to get to achieve the objective that we have set ourselves.

# 1 - Patience . Patience is the mother of science, they say. You should not be overwhelmed because the results do not arrive quickly. The good is almost always expected, and much.

# 2 - Constancy. You have to design a work plan. You must follow this plan daily, whether you like it or not, like it more or less like it.

# 3 - Control.  We have to control and supervise the work we are developing. This check will allow us to know if we are acting correctly or not.

# 4 - Creativity. This is one of the most important. To work, we must choose a place where we are well. Creativity appears when the environment is relaxed, calm,  AND WITHOUT ANY KIND OF INTERRUPTION .

# 5 - Perseverance. As I said before, good results are not immediate, but appear in the medium / long term. We have to insist and not give up. If we fall five times, we get up another five.

# 6 - Adaptability. We must have enough skill to adapt quickly to new situations that appear in the market. The competition will do it, so if we are not ready, we can be out of the game.

# 7 - Commitment. Committing strongly to a cause makes your brain constantly thinking about it. Fruit of that continuous thought, good ideas are born. These, will allow you to differ significantly from others, which is ultimately what is sought.

# 8 - Organization.  He who succeeds is not the smartest, but the most organized. If you organize yourself well, you will always systematically do the same things. This will allow you to progress quickly and exponentially in all your projects.

# 9 - Discipline. Discipline is fundamental. We are human, we are not machines, but the closer we get to them, the better performance we will achieve.

# 10 - Luck. Luck is not a quality, but if it is not on our side, even if we have everything else, it will be more difficult to achieve our goals.

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