10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Before moving I read something on the Internet how to pack things correctly, how to sort them correctly, and so on and so forth. Of course, I made a lot of mistakes and now, looking back, I can easily analyze it telling them and putting them on the shelves.  So I can tell you how to study on my experience and thus, I have listed 10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid.
If you are suddenly expected to arrive so you know that you can’t put on someone. These tips will be useful and it’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others. I was worried, but the first move was my age at all, when I certainly did not take part in packing things and in no way did it seem like a child just brought me from one place to another.

In my opinion, the process of moving was also easy and not too burdensome. After reading a few tips on the Internet, I decided to do in his own way and in general it’s probably in vain. Here are 10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid.
10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid
1 — I just want to share with you my observations on what packaging for your items is for all that you have knives, as they say it’s too hard to choose. I considered several shell options, some bags and big ones it was simply unrealistic to buy bags .So I didn’t want to buy them, so this option left by itself. Of course, I used the bags myself, usually the bags with large handles, but this was not the main material.
I bought the packaging at a fix price. I decided that to me it will be inconvenient due to the fact that you carry the boxes in front of you and under your feet. What is happening — you don’t see anything. I had to take down from the third floor, bring it back to the floor where there is no elevator and not to the first floor so these are all the movements when you don’t navigate.
By the way, I’ll say right away that they can also be torn. So it’s not worth even hoping that you can calm them down and tamp all at once. Nonetheless I had enough several times so we packed and wore them, but again I repeat that they can tear, so if you have something, for example, with sharp corners, pack so that these sharp corners do not fall on the packages. Otherwise they can break.
2 — Next here I already made a mistake in packing when you pack your identical black bags of the same type, think about how you will then look for something in them. Imagine in front of you in your new apartment will have 10 blacks under a large pack tied up and where everything will be completely incomprehensible.

I found myself in about such a situation where it was generally very difficult even to find something elementary. Therefore and what you may need is the very first hours after moving home or the first day. But some personal hygiene products of some kind, I don’t know the minimum set of dishes, as well as some of the very best products that you need and should be at hand. This should all be separately folded into a separate one, which may even boxes or a separate package, all this separately needs to be moved on, as for sorting things, you still need to sort and put things in order.

3 — I don’t know, but don’t hope that you remember that in this black package you have clouds in this black package, your hair styling makeup products then we all forget the package, they all mix up, even somehow there for ourselves, maybe we noticed I don’t find anything for some reason and it’s better to pack or sign, that is, write some piece of paper to stick with tape.
4 — I know some people, they write numbers, that is, the package was first numbered — each package somewhere it’s marked; somewhere that they have the first dishes, for example, and there they have bed linen. Your head just spinning a couple you can lose a pen so this option was not interesting to me. I’m not began to use it it’s inconvenient and I just simply put everything together, put everything into all the packages, I hope that then I will figure it out. I hope I will remember something in my memory, but of course nothing for the sweet one and then I just went through such quests find me when I was looking for which you had to look at all the packages there, like digging all this, stop getting it, see where I have what it is, absolutely not worth advising anyone, even if you are running out of time, still find the strength and sort at least about packages.
5 — What’s next probably lucky for those who move, for example, clearly in the summer, then he can take things away at first and take away somewhere far away in his new place of residence so that later he can calmly sort them out, that is, winter shoes and winter clothes you can calmly  put somewhere, but of course it’s better to hang it up if you don’t need it now, and even after a month it’s not me who moved to the off-season, which was bad and because it seems like in the autumn it’s like winter since this weather has gone like that. We have already removed the ointment in some kind of package, I need to pay attention to this, then you need to have winter things at hand somewhere whether you may need them already, especially if you may be adults if she doesn’t suffer anything terrible, her lighter clothes will move if you have children then surely you need to think about it and leave some kind of kitten killed in case of some cooling or did not know a sharp warming especially if you are moving somewhere not from a neighboring house and through the whole big city. 
10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid
6 — There’s such a moment further as to which movers to hire where to look for them. This is a separate issue, a separate problem that I want to tell you about, and I also moved when I first moved here.Our acquaintances helped us, that is, my acquaintances they had their own gazelle car and they themselves were loaders, that is, everything worked out somehow in a friendly way, I took it quickly, it was carefully transported, everything was fine.
This time I had to call the best movers and packers Dubai at a certain time since I found the phone somewhere on the free classifieds website, and called agreed it would be all right. But unfortunately everything went wrong, everything went completely different, that is, on that day when the car should have been about — there was no loader’s apartment, there were no movers, no one called back and it bothered me very much because our time was scheduled and that day we had to do a lot of different things and no one called my husband or I didn’t know for half an hour I’m calling a person and asking where the living comrades actually are.
7 — I say well, how did you and I agreed, I called you back and reminded that tomorrow we’ve move to his knowledge, how would you have to come to something here. Of course, this is a big problem, probably if next time I’ll order a car at two companies, and which one I’ll come earlier will take advantage of and which one will come just and call back. I will say thank you but I’m sorry we’ve already left or you just need to look for the actions of some of your familiar relatives and I don’t know there may be familiar friends of distant acquaintances who surely won’t let you down.
I want to say that those loaders of the car stand still arrived, we had to wait almost an hour and a half, they explained this by the fact that they were delayed at the previous crossing, but I don’t know how much it would about the truth, and how did you really believe me. I had a feeling that they just forgot us, apparently somehow decided not to go anywhere, of course, they probably apologized ten times 25 times and smiled sweetly, were sober, adequate, polite, and even collected and sorted out such large stuff who I didn’t go anywhere, that is, they almost completely dismantled it on the street and brought it into an apartment and I collected it.
8 — You need to choose the company that will deal with your move very responsibly and not hope that those to whom you just vodka vova as we went by and just called that these people must be here somehow need to make secure. Maybe I should have them in the morning before going to wait for them to call back again I don’t know here may be my share of blame for this, but unfortunately it happens here we have such companies we have such loaders and as for the fact that I think it’s worthwhile to mention this and all your documents are all yours and jewelry all about any money at all, that is, some kind of bank cards naturally needs to be transported so that it is in the field of your visibility. 
10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid
9 — Naturally I don’t trust any loader to absolutely collect it all even possible in a separate box. I, for example, did so and put everything in a small box from under the shoes and all the documents. So, I didn’t lose all the files in a box and this box in a separate package and I know that I have this package with documents; I transported all this here too. I really need to be careful that everything is in place so that nothing is lost.
When you leave the apartment, be sure, to go through it again 10 times to see if you’ve taken everything because I, for example, encountered something that I forgot and forgot, I don’t forget how I didn’t forget, I still took it that if I hadn’t looked I would have forgotten with my stamping discs that  was lying they weren’t presenting the gifts in the box and were lying in the table, I just forgot to pull them out of there, that is, if I didn’t go to this table I wouldn’t look.I would just leave them in that landlord’s apartment in a stranger absolutely outside.
10 — I decided to inspect again to see everythingand it turned out that I just left them there I hope that they will not be needed now and then I will pick them up already. I also want to say that all means are some kind of personal hygiene I don’t know a toothpaste, I don’t know there a set of clothes of some kind that you might need in the coming days would become like go. It’s better to put it together in a separate bag.
These are all 10 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid. We moved and immediately hung them so that later this ironing process also didn’t take you much time.Probably now it’s for sure, but I tried to forget everything, tried to share my mistakes with you, some of your tips if you suddenly have to move to all of my tips you will be helped and you will be relocated with minimal losses.

In a good mood, I would really like this because moving to a new home to compare this to my own home and this is of course a holiday. Despite all the hardships of this process itself, all the minuses of this process I don’t care about this joy.
I hope that now these types of articles will be released regularly when I finally quite figured out what is connected with mine.

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